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I’m Still Alive!

April 19th, 2018

Hey guys! 🙂 Please excuse my prolonged absence… I’m still alive and kickin’. 😉

Of course I’ve been keeping my Members area going and I’ve been on twitter and instagram (follow me to know what I’m up to when I’m not posting here! 🙂 ) but unfortunately with all the craziness of prepping for finals, this free blog had to take a backseat for a little while!

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a little tease from a self-shot gallery that went up on a couple of weeks ago – and there will be another new photo set released tomorrow, so be sure to check back over the weekend for another tease post! 🙂

Aren’t these panties so cute? 🙂

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Happy Easter :)

April 1st, 2018

Hello, darlings. Happy Easter! 🙂

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to put on bunny ears for you this year, but hopefully you’ll settle for these photos instead…. I know a lot of you like to see me all wet! 😉

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March 23rd, 2018

Hey everyone, check it out! I’m married! 😀


Just kidding! 😀 😀 😀

I’m not married…. I’m just playing a married woman in this week’s scene for!

Every housewife needs a sexy apron that doubles as lingerie, right? 😉

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Eggplant Emojibator vs. Real Eggplant

March 19th, 2018

Chances are, you’ve seen the eggplant emoji used to convey some type of sexual innuendo. I’ve always wondered…. why the eggplant? I understand that it’s phallic, but there are so many other arguably phallic emoji to choose from… let’s see… the hotdog/wiener, the carrot, the banana, the corn cob…. hell, even the chicken leg could work. LOL.

Anyway, when I saw that a vibrator inspired by the eggplant emoji actually existed, obviously I had to have it. From there, things escalated rather quickly….. one minute, I’m on the kitchen counter testing out the “Eggplant Emojibator”, and the next thing I knew, I was so worked up that I started searching the fridge for a REAL eggplant. What can I say…. I’m insatiable. 😉

See all the action on this scene includes 129 hi-res photos and 12 mins of HD video, available inside my Members Area right now!

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My Sexy Blue Nightie

March 12th, 2018

Hey guys 🙂 What do you think of my sexy blue nightie? 😉

I really like it, although I’m sure if I ever tried to wear it to bed with anybody, there wouldn’t be much – if any – sleeping involved! 😛

This set of photos was released as last week’s “self-shot” update, although they technically weren’t self- shot… my sexy friend Amber Hahn was behind the camera the whole time! 🙂 So this is one selfie update where you won’t see my little handheld remote timer in any of the photos, lol. 😛

Want to see all 96 pics??? Head on over to to subscribe – the matching video for this scene was just released this morning, and it’s 14 minutes long – it includes some sexy dancing, stripping, and pussy play… with some great close ups!


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Nurse Andi

February 25th, 2018

Nurse Andi is in the house, and I’m here to help you feel good all over. 🙂 I take my job very seriously, so I’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen – Even if it means getting naked for you, and going to work on your cock! 😛

Enjoy this free preview, and if you want more, head on over to to see the full photo gallery!






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Stripping Down in the Kitchen…

February 16th, 2018

What is it about kitchens that inspires me to get naked and pleasure myself???

I have no idea. I just know that it has happened so many times over the years that it is disproportionately high in comparison to other filming locations, with the exception of beds – because the one thing I enjoy more than a clean, well-stocked kitchen is a big comfy bed. 😀

Please enjoy the following photos of me in various states of undress…. and if you want to see the REAL good stuff, head on over to – all 73 photos from this scene are available now! 😉

These shoes aren’t exactly practical, but I loooove them!

Does my butt look good in these jeans? 😛


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Webcam Show Today!!

February 9th, 2018

Hello, hello! 🙂

I hope you’ve all had a great week! What better way to kick off the weekend than by spending an hour with me at my webcam show? 😀

I’ll be streaming for Members of today at 6pm CST! 😎

Thanks to “The Andilander” for making this promo pic, as well as this fun little preview video below! If you don’t understand what the video is hinting at, well, you’ll just have to come to my show today to see for yourself! 😛


In other news… have you seen these photos yet? 😉

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Sexy Sunday Tease…

January 28th, 2018

Well, here we are… it’s late Sunday afternoon, and the weekend is already almost over. 🙁

However, I do happen to have something for Members of to look forward to, which is a new self-shot video coming late tonight (or early tomorrow morning, depending on your time zone and sleeping habits 😛 )

Here’s a preview! 🙂 🙂 🙂


The full video is just shy of 14 minutes in length, don’t miss out on this one! Get your pass to today and enjoy all of my naughty content… there’s plenty more coming! 😉

Here are a few pics from this scene…. what can I say, I love to tease you. 😛

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Mesh Panties and Thigh Highs

January 26th, 2018

Hi, honeys 🙂

Okay, I’m wayyy behind here – thanks for bearing with me during this hectic month! 🙂

If you aren’t a Member of my website, here’s a sample of what you missed from last week:

See all 86 new hi-res photos and 11 minutes of HD video on 😉

These panties don’t exactly leave much to the imagination, and perhaps are not the most practical… but I still like them. 🙂

Another new batch of photos was just released on today, and I was going to combine both previews into one post for you, but instead I think I’ll wait and give you a new post over the weekend! 🙂 😛

Be sure to check back soon! 😉

Hope you all have a terrific weekend! 😀

XoXo Andi