Chillin’ in Jeans…

May 14th, 2014

Hey guys & girls! I’ve been keeping it casual this week…  just chillin’ in jeans and a hoodie. Here’s a preview of my latest update for ….. full set of pics coming this Friday, and HD video on Monday! ;)

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Bodysuit & Thigh High Stockings

May 7th, 2014

Happy Hump Day! Are you ready for the tease of the week? ;) I wore a high cut bodysuit paired with thigh high stockings in this set, which is already proving to be quite a popular one… I hope you enjoy the preview! ;)   The complete photo set will be available on this Friday, with a video coming on Monday!

Looking at my ass in the mirror…. all of us ladies do it. Lol. Pretty sure you guys are always looking at our asses, too. :P

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Prezzies :)

May 6th, 2014

Hey guys :) I wanted to make a quick post to give a shout out to some people who spoiled me with some awesome presents! :D BIG THANKS to Paul, Keith, Sissy, and John! Also, to whoever sent me the red wig, there was no sender name attached to the package, but thank you as well! :D You guys are so good to me, I feel so special. :)

Hell yeah, Team Canada FTW! :D

I think my jersey collection is officially complete now! Thank you Paul! :D

A couple hoodies and a t-shirt from Keith, funky leggings and shorts from Sissy, and a red wig from an anonymous sender!

I’m loving that “selfie” kitty t-shirt, it almost looks like Mozart! :D

Fun panties and socks from Sissy, those 420 friendly panties are especially awesome! 8)

Also loving this killer t-shirt from Sissy, and these sweet purple Converse kicks from John!

Another present from Sissy… could we be seeing a “Dominatrix Andi” themed shoot in the future? ;)

Last one from Sissy… I couldn’t get a decent picture of it, so I put it on! I may have to bust out my sai or nunchakus for a ninja shoot with this outfit! Too fucking cool. 8)

Thank you boys so much! :D ♥ ♥ ♥

XoXo Andi

Back from Vegas & LA!

May 2nd, 2014

Hey guys and girls! :D I’m back from my trip to Vegas and LA with Sarah Peachez…. what did I miss around here? :P

Peachez surprised me with a little belated birthday celebration! She’s as sweet as a …. well, PEACH. Lol. Since she lived in Vegas for years before moving to LA, it was really cool to meet some of her friends and see how the locals do Vegas! 8) It was nice to have a couple days to unwind in LA afterward, I finally got to soak up some sun, and Sarah even shot a couple of solo scenes of me for my Members! ;) What can I say… there’s such a blurry line between work and play for me, that my vacations never really end up being JUST vacations, haha. :P I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Lots of candid pics going up on today and tomorrow, but I thought I’d share some here with you too… :)

Believe it or not, this was taken in the bathroom at Chippendale’s, haha… I fell in love with all the purple!

Living the dream… lol.

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Happy Easter! :)

April 17th, 2014

Hey guys and girls! It’s that time of year to dress up as a bunny again…. gotta love it! :D Personally, I can’t think of a better way to commemorate a religious holiday than by dressing up like a bunny, getting myself off with a glass dildo, and then licking it clean after…. and capturing it all on video for my Members! But maybe that’s just me. :P

Go sign up for to see the full scene! :D

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Tease of the Week

April 10th, 2014

Hello guys & girls! The snow is finally melting, and I’m excited for Spring! (also excited for my birthday tomorrow – Woohoo! :D ) I can’t wait to pack all my winter clothes away and get ready for the warm weather! An outfit like this would do the trick…. don’t you think?

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Get it on the Floor…

April 4th, 2014

Hey guys! 8) I’m here to tease you with a preview of this week’s pic update for… (CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FULL SET OF 91 PHOTOS!)

My ass in tight leggings… ;)

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Work It!

March 27th, 2014

Hey guys & girls! :) Can we all agree that fitness is sexy? Well, to a certain extent, anyway… I’m not talking about women who are jacked like Arnold Shwarzenegger (though they are still sexy in their own right, and there are people out there who would be quick to agree with that statement), I’m just talking about being in shape and feeling healthy. It’s a proven fact that exercise has so many benefits, especially when it comes to sex! Think increased stamina and better orgasms thanks to improved circulation. ;) Sign me up! :D

*This is a free preview. The full set contains 141 pics and will be released on tomorrow!*

Get your tickets… to the gun show! Hahaha :D

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Movie Date

March 20th, 2014

Hello, boys! :D Do you want to come over and watch a movie with me tonight? ;) I made some popcorn…. I’ll be waiting for you in ANDILAND!

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Just another day @ the Office…

March 13th, 2014

Hey guys & girls! It’s been a little while… Did you miss me? :P Here’s a preview of the update coming tomorrow in ANDILAND… step into my office, and let’s talk about it. ;)

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