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Frequently Asked Questions

Fielding a Few Commonly Asked Questions

1) Do you have MSN/yahoo/AIM/etc? Add me, I won’t give anyone your screen name!
I do not use any instant messaging service to interact with fans, sorry. And for those of you who complain about this, I think you’re silly.. even if I did use IM how much time do you think I would have to chat with 50+ of you at once? Either my computer would freeze or you would be ignored, and neither option sounds like fun to me! 🙁

2) Go on cam for me.
No thanks.

3) How do I know this is the real Andi Pink? (most often asked via facebook or myspace)
Go to my blog, which has links to all of my REAL profiles, and see for yourself! If you see me ANYWHERE else, it’s a fake! (Oh I am also on, as “sexishortie”. But I don’t really use it)

4) Do you masturbate? If so, how often?
Of course! Who doesn’t?? And let’s say 3-9 times a week; it varies!

5) You need to show some butthole/vagina on your blog. Post a bunch of your new content ASAP k thx

Since my blog is FREE, I don’t feel that anyone is entitled to make demands, beg, or complain about my blog content (or lack thereof). However, politely phrased requests are always more than welcome, although I reserve the right to politely decline at my own discretion.

6) What kind of guy is “your type”?
I honestly don’t have a type, I’ve dated everything from corporate guys, semi-pro athletes, manual labourers, criminals, unemployed gamers, and the independently wealthy. lol, whatever…

7 ) What qualities do you look for in a guy?
I like big dicks and money.. Just kidding!!! Money doesn’t matter 😉

But seriously, my only “must-haves” are: you need to be able to make me laugh, treat me right, have some type of compassion and social conscience, be open-minded, and practice relatively good hygiene. Nice eyes & arms don’t hurt either 😉

8) What kind of girls do you like?
Small girls with tight bodies work best for me.. and I’m a real sucker for brunettes 😉

9) I talked to a different Andi Pink before, and now I realize she was just a fake, but she was a lot nicer than you because she used to email me twice a day, even sending me loads of nude pictures! You take too long to respond and don’t seem interested in building a relationship together. 🙁 Plus you are kind of a bitch when I ask you for free pictures

Yes, well, I’m not surprised that your “fake Andi”  enjoys chatting online with strangers for hours… I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that anyone who dedicates their time & effort into creating elaborate, phony-baloney profiles and feels the need to masquerade as a softcore web model probably doesn’t have a very pressing schedule… so yes, I bet your “fake Andi” had all the time in the world to chat with you, and was undoubtedly very generous about sending you plenty of naked pictures, just like you said. Hmm…. I wonder why that could be… Oh, I know!! Probably because those pictures didn’t belong to your impostor friend, and the images were depicting MY body, so there was no need to think twice about it.. it’s the same thing as me googling an image search for “Marge Simpson”, saving some pictures to my desktop, and emailing them to you. They aren’t my pictures, I don’t own the rights to them, and I’m not featured in any of the pictures.. so sure, have as many as you want! TAKE THEM ALL! 🙂  Please tell me you finally realize how stupid it is to consider some Faker’s willingness to steal my content and share it with you as an “act of generosity” that should be commended… making me “kind of a bitch” by comparison… LOL. I will absolutely be a bitch if you insult me, harrass/annoy me incessantly, or are excessively stupid. When I get mean, I don’t feel it is ever unwarranted. 😛 (In response to your inquiry regarding free pictures, please see FAQ #29)

Oh, and guess what else? Your “fake Andi” is most likely one of the following:

a) A gay dude. (offers to trade  “Andi” content in exchange for cockshots of unsuspecting straight men)

b)  A scammer from Nigeria (it’ll be a dead giveaway as soon as they ask you to wire money)

c) A dude of undetermined sexual orientation. (but does it really make a difference?)

d) A woman so utterly socially inept and physically unappealing that she may as well be a dude… (Not to be confused with Option A, as she also exhibits the same cockshot-seeking M.O.)

e) An older (or perhaps middle-aged) man with a penchant for underage girls (these are the fake profiles that list me as a teenage lesbian, with a large disclaimer somewhere on the main page that states “GIRLS ONLY!” or “NO BOYS ALLOWED!” complete with a friends list that is 100% female.. all between the ages of 13-17.

10) Have you ever thought about how being a nude model will affect your future?
Yes, all the time! It would be incredibly dumb and impulsive of me to get involved in this line of work without thinking things through first. Those are the kind of people who end up with a lot of regrets, and I feel bad for them because there’s nothing they can do about it by that point.

11) Do you have any plans to do hardcore?
Nope, for me that would be compromising my integrity, which is not something I’m willing to consider. Everyone has their own personal boundaries, and it’s important not to cross that line. Just like nude modeling is not the right lifestyle choice for many/most people, going hardcore would be a bad move for me. Besides.. some things are best left to the imagination, don’t you agree? 😉 😛

12) How many tattoos/piercings do you have?
Tattoos – Aries symbol and hibiscus flower on my back, Flounder on my ankle.
Piercings – 3 in each ear plus industrial in my cartilage, nose, belly button, and labret. I used to have my tongue pierced, but I outgrew that awhile ago..

13) Please send nude pics to my email, I can’t access your site because I’m too young so my parents check the history/my school has filters blocking adult content/etc.
Sorry kiddo, not gonna happen! But please come say hello when you turn 18 😉

14) I want to get into the adult business, can you help me?
If you’re a girl: Email me test shots and I’ll see what I can do!
If you’re a boy: Check out

15) Do you have plans to travel to _____ (insert country here)?
I currently have no travel plans, but I’d love to make it there someday! I want to see as much of the world as I can 🙂

16) What’s your real name/address/phone number/work location/social security number?
What’s up with people who ask this stuff?? I can’t figure out whether this is a pathetic (and lazy) attempt at stalking, or if some people genuinely expect me to give out my personal info… Well, the only thing I’ll be giving out in response to this question is a cyberpunch in the face! 😛 LOL… (just kidding, I’m a cyberpacifist ;)) But seriously, my personal info is none of your business.

17) I thought I had seen some personal info like that posted about you on a forum by someone who claimed to have gone to school with you, but it’s gone now.. what happened?
I probably had it removed, and may or may not have traced the IP of the poster and sent an old friend to pay them a visit. The outcome of this visit varies depending on which specific instance you are referring to. Lol, only half-serious.. But think about it.. people talk a lot of shit and anyone who tries to be “cool” by claiming to know personal details about me is DEFINITELY no friend of mine, and even more of a loser in my books for doing this.

18) Wow, Andi, how is it possible for you to be so perfect?
LOL, I’m not perfect.. far from it! I am very lacking in the organizational department (okay, okay.. I’m a slob.), I can get very moody at times, barely know the meaning of the word “patience”, can’t cook to save my own life, and I have arthritis in my left hand. Just to name a few things! But thank you for the compliment 😀

19) How do your parents feel about what you do?
As you might imagine, they aren’t too thrilled about it. They are concerned for my safety and emotional well-being, like any good parents would be. However, although they do not approve of my choices, they continue to support me because they know I am not compromising my personal integrity in any way. Because of this, they are able to respect my decision, even if they don’t agree with it. We still maintain a healthy relationship. 🙂

20) Do you have any regrets about getting into this business or how it happened?
Yes, I was very naive in the beginning and trusted the wrong people. Lesson learned! I am very happy with the way things are going now. 🙂

21) Are you just in it for the money?
No. It has been a life-changing experience for me, and I love that it’s helped me to become less judgmental as a person. It’s also a lot of FUN!! If I was only interested in making a bunch of money, I’d probably try my hand at organized crime instead 😛

22) Do you interact with fans only because you want them to join your site?
Nope, although it would sure be nice if you joined! 🙂 When I first started interacting with fans (which was 3 years after my old site had launched), it was kind of weird to be talking to complete strangers who felt as if they knew who I really am. But that was only at first! I’m actually really glad I decided to get to know some of my fans, the majority of you are very interesting people and I can see myself being friends with some of you “in real life” 🙂 In fact, I’d say talking to fans is one of the top reasons I enjoy what I do, I can’t believe I missed out on that for the first 3 whole years! 🙁 But now that I have my own blog to post on, my fans really ARE getting to know who I really am.. if nobody commented on my posts my blog would be so lonely, so please keep it up! 😀

23) Send me a fan sign!
Maybe I will, it depends.. what are you going to do for me?

24) Is it possible to purchase your panties (or other items) you wear in photo sets?
Not right at the moment, but I may be setting up something in the future once my new site is launched. Stay tuned! 🙂

25) I have made you a FanArt, how can I give it to you?
Thanks! I LOVE getting FanArt 🙂 You can either email it to , or post a link here on my blog.

26) Why are you ignoring all of my emails?
I’m not… I get a lot of messages on many different sites, and it takes awhile to go through them all.. Also, not gonna lie, I tend to procrastinate. 😐 Sorry and please don’t take it personally.. I will get to your message when I can, and reply when I’m ready. 🙂 Try to be patient 😉

27) Can I make a suggestion on photo set themes or video ideas for you?
Absolutely! I welcome all suggestions.. if they are offensive or ridiculous (think peeing on a giraffe..), I will ignore you.. but if I like your idea, I will try to make it happen at some point in the future! 🙂

28) I’m your biggest fan! I love your blog! Please email me some pussy shots, thanks!

That’s wonderful! 🙂 Unfortunately, you will not find any pussy shots enclosed in my reply. It’s nothing personal, but I have a policy against privately sharing content from my paysite with fans, because that wouldn’t be fair to everyone else. Think about how many messages I receive every week from people asking me to send them Member’s Only content for free.. if I say yes to you, I have to say yes to EVERYONE.. Keep in mind that it costs me time and money to shoot that content – the standard rate to hire a photographer is $500/day – so why would I want to spend money just to turn around and send you the most explicit content for free?? You almost have a better shot of asking me for the $500 instead… but no, you aren’t going to get that either. Gotta pay to play, baby! 😉

29) What’s going on with your old website?

Nothing. (that’s really the simplest way to put it :P) – My old site is no longer updating content, and there hasn’t been any recent activity or signs of intelligent life in a very, very long time.

30) So you aren’t involved in your old website at all?

Nope, in fact, I never really was! I was just a girl in front of the camera, strictly paid to shoot content and that was it. I had no input in the design or layout of the site, no control over updates, and the worst part – No interaction with my fans/members! I’m SO MUCH HAPPIER now that has launched and I get to be my own boss and do everything myself! 😉

31) Why is better than your old site?

Well, for starters, it’s ran by ME! 8) Lol, I’m going to respond in point form to this question since there are SO many reasons why blows my old website out of the water!

– Member Interaction – This is one of the most obvious & important differences between my old website (where interaction with Members was totally non-existent) and, where I love talking to my Members all the time! 😉 I post regularly on my Member’s Blog and *always* respond to the comments I receive – We talk about anything and everything, and I really enjoy getting to know everyone! 😉 For example, Members can provide feedback on my recent site updates, suggest ideas/requests for future shooting concepts, fill me in on what’s happening in their lives, ask questions, tell funny stories, share sexual fantasies/dreams with me in vivid detail (I’m not afraid of a little dirty talk ;)), and MUCH more!

Video Updates – I’m the first person to admit that the video content on my old website sucked – nobody wants to watch a video segmented into 3 or 4 different parts, all released separately – but that’s not an issue for! 😉 Every single video on my new site is uploaded as the FULL version, available for download in .mp4, .mov, & .wmv formats, and also offers *streaming video* in .FLV! This provides Members with the option of viewing the entire video directly on my website itself without having to download it beforehand, which some people prefer. Regarding video content, I’m much more comfortable & relaxed in my videos now that I’m in charge of filming them! Because of this, my sexuality really shines through in my videos and I’ve learned to embrace it! 😉 I love rubbing one out on camera for my Members, and my orgasms are 100% REAL! Whether I use a naughty toy or just my hand, my masturbation videos *always* have a happy ending. 😉 In one particular scene featuring my favorite vibrator, I had *FIVE* clitoral orgasms in a row! Damn, that was AMAZING, and luckily I got it all on video! 😉 So, in a nutshell, my new videos are far more sexual and erotic than anything I’ve ever done before, while still remaining softcore. There is a new video update to every Monday, alternating between HD Profesionally Shot content and homemade amateur material – Which brings me to my next point…

– Blog Section – Aside from the Members Blog, which I’ve already discussed, also features an amateur section dedicated to my homemade naughty pics & videos! 😉 While my old website only offered professionally shot content, provides the best of both worlds! 😉 In addition to my hi-res photo galleries and HD videos (more on that in a minute ;)), Members of my site are also treated to my personal candids, including pictures of me with my REAL LIFE friends, cute snapshots of me acting silly, and of course a ton of sexy self-shot pictures of me getting naked & naughty – such as public flashing, pussy spreading, nipple pinching, posing in doggy style position with my little ass in the air, outdoor nudity, feet shots, etc – and even occasional vibrator/dildo penetration! 😉 Oh, by the way, I hope you like cats, because my kitty Mozart has an uncanny knack for appearing in the background of quite a few of my pictures! 😛

My homemade blog videos are usually even naughtier than the ones I had professionally shot! I almost always end up rubbing one out in my amateur videos, even when I plan to shoot something a little more “tease” oriented and softcore… I just get carried away and can’t seem to help myself! 😉 Maybe it’s because I shoot my amateur videos all by myself in the comfort of my own home, which makes it super easy for me to relax & enjoy myself, and I guess I just get lost in the moment sometimes.. 😉

Although my blog videos are of slightly lower quality (That’s what makes them amateur, after all :P) than my HD Pro vids, many of my Members prefer the homemade amateur stuff! I’ve been told it’s because everything about my blog videos is so genuine and real, there are no gimmicks involved or fancy camerawork to rely on – it’s just lil ol’ me! 😛 I suppose that makes sense. In fact, the majority of the time, I won’t even plan out a video idea before I start shooting, I literally just turn on the camera and “Wing it”, and do whatever comes naturally. 😉 For some reason, my Members love seeing me get all hot and bothered in my own bedroom at home, and I have to admit, I love every minute of it! I get *very* turned on while shooting my homemade videos, there’s just something so sexy about playing with my pussy at home, thinking about how my Members will (eventually – as soon as the video is released) be watching me as I touch myself and rub my clit, and fantasizing about what my Members will be thinking as they watch me get myself off while they stroke and massage their cocks… Ooops, I think I’ve said too much! 😛

32) Will you follow me on Twitter? (generally asked via twitter)

That depends. Are you a Member of my site, a sexy lady, or a celebrity/icon I personally admire? If you happen to fall into any one of those categories, then yes, I will absolutely follow you – No questions asked!

In addition, I enjoy following the tweets of people I consider to be consistently hilarious; everyone loves a good joke! 😛 🙂

There’s also a decent chance I’ll follow you back if you comment on my Unleashed blog regularly, and I’ve gotten to know you a little bit over time. (or at least became familiar enough to recognize your username/avatar)

(NOTE: If you are a Member of and/or comment regularly on my Unleashed Blog, but follow me on twitter under a totally different username, just let me know who you are so I can follow you back! Don’t be shy ;))

However, if you are a total stranger and I don’t know you from a hole in the ground, it’s highly unlikely that I’ll follow you back. I honestly don’t understand why people even ASK to be followed back by someone they’ve never met or spoken to before. Do they truly believe that their tweets are interesting/insightful/witty/informative/awesome/relevant enough to be perceived as a welcome addition to the Twitter timeline of a complete stranger??? (Hint: If that were really the case & their tweets totally kicked ass, they probably wouldn’t feel the need to pester others into following them.) I know I probably sound like a snob for saying that, but it’s nothing personal – I’m sure most of these people are very cool &/or interesting in some form or another, but I just don’t have any desire to follow the tweets of some random person I’ve never interacted with before – especially if they can’t even be bothered to say hello, introduce themselves, or reply to any of my tweets, and the first (and often only) thing they say to me is some variation of “Hey, follow me back!” – In my opinion, that comes across as very self-important and demanding, which I find to be very unappealing, since I’m not the kind of girl who enjoys being told what to do (except in the bedroom, on occasion ;))

If a “follow back” would really mean a whole lot to you because you consider yourself to be a huge fan of my work, then prove it! If joining my site isn’t an option, then come visit my free Blog & introduce yourself! 😉 If you get into the habit of posting regularly enough for me to recognize you by your name/avatar and maybe even get to know you a little bit, I’ll be far more likely to follow you on Twitter. 🙂

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  1. Patrick says:

    If I were to join your site, what are your prices per month?


    Andi Land replied:

    The price for a subscription to my website is $34.95/month in USD, which gets you instant access to 456 videos and 40,000+ photos, with options to stream or download (at no additional cost), not to mention you’ll be supporting a good cause – ME! 😛

    It’s also worth mentioning that the stats cited on the main tour page on are incorrect and in need of updating, as they say “300+ videos” and ~30,000 photos. I’ve been busy adding lots more! 😉


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