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Have a Great Weekend! :)

Hey everyone! :)

A new batch of self-shot pics were just released on today! 😎









I also really, really love this bright pink cock… so much fun to ride! 😮




I hope you enjoyed this little preview, but if you’d like to see all 92 pics from this scene, AND the 15 minute and 39 sec video, you’ll have to become a VIP Member of! :)

If you do decide to join, come say “HI” over in my Members blog – I’m generally much faster at replying to comments over there. :)

Have a great weekend! 😎

XoXo Andi

44 Responses to “Have a Great Weekend! :)”

  1. mark says:

    purrfection 😉 wonder if they make a bra like that. not sure if its the lighting but loving your hair color

    Andi Land replied:

    If they do, I want to know about it – I’d definitely buy it! :)

    mark replied:

    wasnt sure how to show you but i found 2 links to hopefully you like them

    Andi Land replied:

    Ha, the hot topic one is cute! :)

  2. Bill says:

    Well, you, in those panties, surely give new meaning to the term “Me-OW!!” (in a great way, of course! LOL)

    I really need to start hanging out in your kitchen. The view in that room is phenomenal! 😉

    Andi Land replied:

    Meeeeow! 😉

    Hahaha, best seat in the house! :)

    Bill replied:

    Hmmm….best seat? Would I be out of line, if I said I was going to sit there, until you proved it? 😉

    Andi Land replied:

    I think I proved it with the video update for this scene. 😛

    Bill replied:

    Darn…I was hoping for an invitation to a lap dance, as proof of “the best seat in the house”… but guess I’ll behave myself, and settle for taking your word for it! 😉

    Andi Land replied:

    Haha, smart man! 😉

  3. BH(tijoelito) says:

    WOW nice panties!! Do you make this kitty purring in your video !! lol :) :)

    Andi Land replied:

    I sure do. 😉 Check it out! :)

  4. 1094513 says:

    beatiful! andiful! wonderful! you made it again, you know how to do it, one of these days you’d have to say ‘I did it, I know how to do it and I can do it again’

    Andi Land replied:

    Pretty much! :)

  5. Brian Sopher says:

    Love your new set Andi, looking forward to your hot vid tomorrow sweetheart!

    Have a good week at school babe, always thinking of my Canadian beauty!

    Andi Land replied:

    Thanks Brian, hope you have a great week too! :)

  6. LSU MIKE says:

    Not sure how u do it.I think u look better today than 10 years ago!

    Andi Land replied:

    I kinda agree, and not in a conceited way. I don’t like old pics of myself, haha.

  7. SneakersCZ says:

    Nice Dc shoes :) You look awesome in skate shoes

    Andi Land replied:

    Thanks! Loooove DC kicks! 😎

    SneakersCZ replied:

    Do you want sell any Dc or etnies from your collection ? :)

    Andi Land replied:

    I do have a couple pairs of old DC’s I’m ready to part with… :)

    SneakersCZ replied:

    It is possible send photo and price of them to my mail ? :) thanks :)

    Andi Land replied:

    Hey again :) I didn’t approve your comment that listed your email address, because I don’t want you to get a bunch of spam. :) But I did see it and have your info now, I will email you next week! :) (If for some reason you don’t hear from me next week, feel free to remind me again on here – I won’t be mad! 😉 Have a great weekend! 😀

  8. Dean says:

    You left your top on for this tease preview, I love to see those cute nips of yours :-) But the last shot shaved the day, oopps I mean saved the day 😉 You look great as always!

    Andi Land replied:

    Yes, I did. 😛


  9. thedude says:

    Love the socks Andi. Great photo set, any chance of you doing a shoot in the white thigh high socks you wore when you were in I believe California?

    Andi Land replied:

    I did do a shoot in those white thigh highs while I was in California – that is why I brought them there, lol. :)

  10. Randy says:

    It’s Official!!! As a member, having watched your videos progress in the last seven years, I don’t make this statement lightly. This new video is without a doubt, the hottest video that you’ve made to date. I think that readers can relate to the term “Energizer Bunny”, you were unstoppable in your goal of dominating that big toy, you just kept going. As predictably unpredictable you are, I have a feeling that “Andi” has plenty in store for us to see.

    Andi Land replied:

    Woooohoooo! What an amazing compliment! I love that you love it so much! 😎 Now I’ll just have to find a way to top it….. 😉

  11. SuperCJ says:

    I love your purrfect panties Andi :)

    Is it ok that I’m really jealous of your pink dildo? 😉

    Hope you had a great weekend 😀

    Andi Land replied:

    Thanks CJ! I have seriously fallen in love with that dildo… so yep, totally normal to be jealous of it, haha. :)

  12. Travis Worley says:

    Hello andi how are you i was just wondering where else did you put that dildo and I would love to take the place of the dildo

    Andi Land replied:

    The answer to that is waiting for you on 😉

  13. Keith Ziegler says:

    Again it’s been a crazy week. LOL. I love them panties too. Meow meow meow. LOL. Mozart is the star of the show making his cameo. I bet he wants paid for his time. I can see it now. I want a year supply of catnip & tuna flavored cat food & belly rubs when I say so. Oh wait that’s my list of demands. Well the belly rubs that is. LOL 😛 I couldn’t resist cracking a joke. LOL

    Andi Land replied:

    He gets free rent and food, he’s already paid quite handsomely lol.

  14. JERDAL says:


    Andi Land replied:

    Thanks Jerdal :)

  15. Clive Cooper says:

    Loving the tiles. It’s not often you see a top-spec tiling job like that. Compliments the units beautifully.

    Andi Land replied:

    LOL, good eye. 😉

  16. Jim Berryman says:

    Cute, Mozart’s on your bum :-)

    Andi Land replied:

    Meow! :)

  17. joey says:

    sexy. i just self shot all over that amazing ass

    Andi Land replied:

    Ha! Nice one.