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Batteries Not Included

Last week in I had some fun showing off my assets in a super short skirt while getting ready to test out my new toy (Thank you, Paul! :) ), but just as I was getting ready to start filming, I realized I was out of AAA batteries. (Although I have about 50 AA batteries, lol… go figure 😛 ) Since I was already all dolled up in my fishnets and mini skirt, I really didn’t feel like getting changed to go to the store for batteries. Instead, I decided to use good old fashioned manual labour to get the job done! 😉 It worked like a charm, of course. :)

Here’s a little preview, mostly establishing/tease shots… If you’re interested, you can see all 89 photos + the 13 minute video for this scene inside my Members area. I’d love it if you’d join me! :)














As I mentioned above, the full photo set (89 pics) and 13 minute video are already waiting for you on – Don’t miss out! 😉

XoXo Andi

29 Responses to “Batteries Not Included”

  1. mark says:

    mm love everything about this colors used lace my favorite the way your boobs look when pulling your shirt down. im in heaven 😉

    Andi Land replied:

    Glad you like it! 😉

  2. LSU MIKE says:

    What more can I say.I never seen a hotter CANDIAN PEACE OF ASS U.Can u name another!

    Andi Land replied:

    Thanks Mike :) I cannot.

  3. Dean says:

    I think the bent over up-close shot of your sweet bum is arousing to say the least. Leaving the panties on is a nice work around too 😉
    Looks like a lot of purple power there :-) much to enjoy.
    And you look just stunning as ever!!!

    Andi Land replied:

    Yeah sometimes I take the panties off too quickly – sort of takes away from the tease element. Not that I’ve ever received any complaints about that. 😛

    Thanks :)

  4. Keith Ziegler says:

    Ok I have only 1 complaint & it’s not really a complaint so much as an observation. My OCD kicked in when I saw you toes sticking thru one stocking & not the other. It was very distracting. Please don’t think I’m being critical. I’m only mentioning it cuz I pay attention to detail like that. One little thing off kiltter & I notice it. Yup I’m weird. LOL Great video as always. 😉

    Andi Land replied:

    LOL there are several things “off” in practically every scene I shoot. 😛 Just look at it as adding to the sense of realism. :) Glad you liked the video!

    Keith Ziegler replied:

    I didn’t catch that right away. It took me a bit to get it but I finally figured it out. Yes realism is good. LOL. I always like your vids. You can’t make a bad one. Even if you dressed as an ewok & hopped around on one foot yelling yub nub. You’ll get that later. I hope. LMAO 😛

    Andi Land replied:

    Lol most Star Wars references go straight over my head…. 😛

  5. Randy says:

    Andi, the uninitiated may unwisely think, “oh another toy video.” So untrue, your energy level and sexual enthusiasm, aka. horniness made for one hot video. That shift from on your side to on top was awesome to watch. Fyi, also that tweet of “fellas get your dicks ready” was too funny, true but funny.

    Andi Land replied:

    Hahaha, I was in a silly mood when I tweeted that, I’m glad you found it amusing! :) It’s always exciting to try out a new toy, it’s good to know my enthusiasm comes across well in the scene. :)

  6. Donald White says:

    Andi, super hot, super sexy, super turn on. You are one in a million. No wonder all your fans, especially me, love you. wow wow wow!! love ya!!

    Andi Land replied:

    Thanks Don, you’re too sweet! :) Happy to have you on board in :) You rock! :)

  7. SuperCJ says:

    Very beautiful Andi, I like pic 7 with your boobies just peeking out your top. :)
    You should never trust electronics, as they say ”if you want something done do it yourself”. 😉

    Andi Land replied:

    The boobs are definitely sitting pretty in that pic. Glad you like it. 😉

    Hmm, whoever said that obviously never felt the power of a vibrator. 😛

    SuperCJ replied:

    I will have to take your word about the vibrator, as I wouldn’t know about that lol. 😀

  8. Bill says:

    Call me dense, but I’m really not getting the reason why you wouldn’t want to go to the store, dressed like that?

    It’s not as though the clerk is going to mind, or anything! Heck, if it’s a guy, you might not even have to pay for the batteries! 😉

    Andi Land replied:

    Because my skirt doesn’t even cover half my ass, and I respect my community – which is full of children. :)

  9. Bill says:

    BTW, saw this, the other day, and (for some odd reason) thought of you! LOL

    Andi Land replied:

    Lol. Strange that you thought of me – although I do have a guitar, and plenty of g-strings. :)

  10. Travis Worley says:

    Hello beautiful I love seeing that nice tight ass of yours I just wish you were my girlfriend so I keep you all to myself.

    Andi Land replied:

    Thanks Travis! :)

  11. 1094513 says:

    the batteries? the batteries are always a headache, they’re never around when you need one, know the feeling, it’s a good thing thoug to check everything before giving a go, think that’s why traffic light have 3 colors (even I’ve seen traffic lights with 4 colors, wasn’t too sure, still I’m not what the 4th means

    Andi Land replied:

    Yeah, I usually do keep a checklist and make sure everything is good to go before I get ready to film – but I guess it slipped my mind that day. :)

  12. damian says:

    If you want to play with something that doesn’t run out of batteries, I may have a suggestion 😉

    Also that skirt is super cute. Obviously the fact that it’s too small doesn’t hurt either 😉

    Andi Land replied:

    Quel surprise. 😉

  13. Grizz says:

    wow it has been years since I have been on here, glad to see you are still at it and as naughty as ever

    Andi Land replied:

    Yep – still doing my thang! 😉