For the Pantyhose Pervs ;)

Hey guys & girls! Hope you’re all having an awesome week so far… and if not, maybe these pics will help improve things for you, or at the very least raise your spirits (or perhaps raise something else? ;) ) These are for the people who enjoy pantyhose/nylons/stockings… whatever you want to call them! Lol. I also made sure to avoid wearing shoes in these, after getting so many requests to see my feet in pantyhose.

Obviously, these are self-shot pics with a real “amateur” feel to them…  there are 58 pics in this gallery and you can see them all on tomorrow! ;)

Now, the only thing I *don’t* like about these – as I already mentioned on my Members blog yesterday – is the “reinforced crotch” thing… LOL :D I think it looks like I’m wearing a maxi pad or panty liner or something like that, it’s a real pet peeve of mine! Trust that this will be the last you see of the “reinforced crotch” … I’m going to make sure of that! :P Although I guess one good thing about it is that it keeps poses like these “non nude” so I have more to post on here without giving TOO much away… I guess it’s true that every cloud has a silver lining, or in this specific case, a crotch lining! LOL :D

See the rest of these pictures on tomorrow, along with a pantyhose video cumming on Monday! ;)

XoXo Andi

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