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“Masturbation Monday” ;)

In honor of “#MasturbationMonday” (if you aren’t familiar with hash tags yet, I suggest you get your ass on twitter and FOLLOW ME! :P), here’s a random little tease for you guys & girls from my self-shot “NaughtiBod” set I did awhile back… the full set has 81 pics in total AND a super hot video, and it’s all been available in my Members Area for quite some time now! 😉 For those who don’t already know, the NaughtiBod is an amazing little vibrator that attaches to your ipod and pulsates & vibrates to the beat of whatever you’re listening to! 😀 It’s probably one of the coolest pieces of technology ever invented, lol! 8)

I didn’t have it hooked up to my ipod here, but you can see me using it to the beat of my music in the video – it was actually my very first time using it, and I got all the action on camera! 😉 If you’re interested, you can check it out at 😉

One of my favorite things to do after playing with my pussy…. having a relaxing snuggle session with my OTHER pussy, Lol! 😀 I love this pic because believe it or not, I was completely unaware that my boob was out of my shirt – Lol! 😛

Hope you enjoyed the mini tease! 😉

XoXo Andi

42 Responses to ““Masturbation Monday” ;)”

  1. Mazrim Taim says:

    Aww cute pussy. I mean the cat but your pussy is cute too. :)

    Andi replied:

    Hahaha, thanks Jason! 😉 I think both pussies are cute 😛

  2. Sport16 says:

    Very hot and sexy gal. I could go for two pussies. Don’t think it would include the one with fur though. LOL

    Andi replied:

    Hahaha, thanks Sport! 😉

  3. RICK says:

    Andi, Mozart notisted it haha!!!!!!

    Andi replied:

    LOL, yeah he seems to be looking right at it! 😛

  4. Andy85 says:

    Hi sweetie u look again so super pretty in the pics <3 i like the green top a lot,if thats not to personal 4 ya can i ask u how many sextoys u own yaself currently and what types of you using the most private/in vids i always was interrested in :) have a super great week andi and never ever loose that smiling i <3 on ya so much 😀

    Andi replied:

    Hmm, let me think… I know I have at least 12! Not sure of the exact number though, I don’t keep all of my toys in the same place – most are in one of my drawers, but I have toys scattered everywhere – I’m looking at one on my bookshelf right now, LOL! 😀

    I sometimes use toys off camera, but I generally feel like if I’m going to take the time to select and clean a toy, I may as well get it on video too! 😛 Otherwise, I just use my hand on my clit for personal quickies. 😉

    Andy85 replied:

    Haha wow impressiv collection i always tought u have only 7 sextoys,

    ive seen so far u using a dildo,the hitatchi wand the glasdildo,must be hard to remember 4 ya where u put your toys in ya appartment :P,

    interresting thing :) ive no problem with that afterall andi,as long they bring u joy and fun allday. 😀
    haha mozart in the first pics background i noticed first after looking closer 😉 must be an awsome orgasmus for ya after using it the first time i gues.

  5. Joe says:

    yep, my cock just went so hard after seeing that perfect pussy…has Mozart ever try rubbing against your pussy when masturbating? and do u ever masturbate to pics of yourself and also do you ever fist yourself?

    Andi replied:

    LOL… I’m not a fan of bestiality or fisting. But yes, I must admit I’ve been known to get off to my own pics/videos before… is that weird? 😛

    Joe replied:

    for most people id say yes…but for someone has perfect as you absolutely not :) stay perfect andi!

    Andi replied:

    Hahaha, ok, good! 😛 I actually shot a video of myself masturbating to another video of mine… LOL 😉

  6. Tomek says:

    I really love the first pic of you licking that “thing”. 😉

    How I wish it were my dick instead.

    It surely must feel like heaven having your tongue pleasing it while licking your pussy and your asshole.

    Do you like guys licking your asshole?

    Andi replied:

    Thanks Tomek 😉

    People (mainly Sarah Peachez!) seem to love licking my butthole for some reason, lol… it’s not something I would ever ask for, but it’s definitely not unpleasant either. I have to say, it kind of tickles! 😛

  7. 1094513 says:

    YOU, YOU are sexy but YOU, YOU already knew that, I wonder have you tried the vibrating toy up to some ‘speed metal’ or does it rock best with beethoven, bach or even mozart or post-punk-dark-pop. would even recommend some tchaicowsky or wagner but those last are for long times plays

    Andi replied:

    Thanks! Hahaha, I’ve tried it with all kinds of music! Anything with good bass works fantastic, regardless of the genre 😉

  8. MH says:

    I do follow you on twitter, and it’s honestly a high point of my day when you do post, not just pictures, but anything in general. Of course, when you do post pictures, every day becomes #masturbationmonday…

    Andi replied:

    Thanks MH! 😉 Have you tweeted me before?? Just curious if I’ve been talking to you without knowing that it was you! Lol 😛

    MH replied:

    Yes, I have, and you’re always kind enough to respond. I’m Michael 2.0 @michaeltwopnt0. I just recently got a twitter account.

    Andi replied:

    Sweet! 8)

  9. Andy85 says:

    Oh wasnt sure if u have catch up my picpost of a pic of max&you i posted lately on twitter while the missfreeones contest,its often not easy on twitter to keep up the overviev on things lol and i never have mention max befor in a tweet or comment befor :) so it was a lil surprice/premiere from me for ya,to bring a smile up your face again 😉

    Andi replied:

    Thanks Andre! You need to mention “@TheRealAndiLand” in whatever you post if you want me to see it on twitter. 😉

    Andy85 replied:

    Oh well it was in the last week of the freeones contest i posted it two times as a contest promo for ya andi,
    guesing u not see it because so much guys have tweeted ya maybe u have not notice it because of that reason.

    Andi replied:

    Weird! I don’t know why I didn’t see it :(

  10. Lux says:

    Gotta love a good pussy snuggling… 😉

    Your loving man,


    Andi replied:

    Always! One of the best things in life… doesn’t even matter which pussy you’re talking about! 😉 😛

  11. Paul says:

    That was an awesome video and set. I hope you have had a chance to use the NaughtiBod again with the same enjoyment! your camera angles, especially those looking into your face, we’re the best. I still watch this occasionally because it was that good! I give it 2 thumbs up, lol! 😀

    Andi replied:

    Yeah, I’ve used it a few times since then, and I think I’m due for another session soon! 😉 Glad you enjoyed this one 😉

  12. JOhn SMith says:

    Don’t you get tired playing with your pussy so often????
    Is this the only thing in this world???
    Don’t you ever get the feeling that you are wasting your life in these kind of stuff??????
    Why you are doing this all??????
    I wonder why we all are doing such and such things?????

    Andi replied:

    LOL, I think you just earned yourself the title of “Dumbass of the Day”… Congrats! :)

    – No, I never get tired of playing with my pussy… anyone who gets tired of playing with their dick or pussy is probably doing it wrong! 😛

    – There are countless other enjoyable activities aside from masturbation, I live a very well-rounded life and this just happens to be a part of it. Masturbation is healthy and practically everyone does it, I just happen to do it on camera from time to time.

    – I love doing it, it pays my bills, and people seem to love watching, so no – it’s not a waste of my life at all. However, what *is* a waste of my time is responding to asinine comments such as this one.

    If you don’t like it, GTFO my blog and go pass judgment elsewhere. Thanks for stopping by! 😉

  13. Mon7que says:

    Glad to see you post this. I LOVE the colors of this set… have wanted to post it on the fb fan page but didn’t want to share member-only content. However… I think all 3 of these pictures are too sexy for fb hahaha. 😛
    I love how you didn’t realize your boob was falling out. I always seem to feel it myself, although I do have bigger breasts than you so maybe it feels more obvious? Haha anyways. :) Thanks for sharing on your free blog. :)

    Andi replied:

    Thanks girl! 😉 Hahaha, yeah these don’t exactly classify as “Facebook friendly” photos. 😛

    I guess I am naked so often that I’ve sort of lost that sense of feeling exposed when a boob pops out (although believe me, I still feel it when I’m shooting outdoor content with my legs spread, lol! It’s still a turn on for me ;)), so I don’t notice as often. Last year in Phoenix I was sitting by the pool, and someone kindly informed me that one of my boobs had ventured out of my bikini top… Lol! 😀 Good thing it was at an adult forum where it was considered perfectly acceptable. Here’s hoping it doesn’t happen at the beach this summer! 😛

  14. Vanessa B. says:

    I love you Andi. You are the hootest girl i know.

    But i have to say something to you: You are the reason why i am a lesbian 😀

    Kisses, Vanessa^^

    Andi replied:

    Thanks Vanessa! 😉

  15. Andy85 says:

    Ive make a lil vegas partynight picture galerie 4 ya on my new facebookpage take a lil look here: i love the dress u wear in all the pics so pretty u look in them i could fall in <3 with ya lol :)

    Andi replied:

    I can’t see it without being logged in, sorry. :)

  16. Andy85 says:

    Hmmm oh well no need to sry 4 andi,mostly everything i do make for ya gets not delivered to ya or u dont see it,its like there is a big wall between us,than i can delete the DM to ya also :(

  17. Andy85 says:

    Haha just 4 the record ignore my last comment to ya on that blogpost i was a lil tipsy while writing it,didnt even remember when i write it lol BIG sry andi :) the last pic with mozart&you snuggeling together its clear visible mozart enjoys it 😀 and you both look so sweet/lovable together.

    Andi replied:

    Haha, no drunk commenting! 😛 Just kidding :)

    andy85 replied:

    aye aye sir no commenting when drinking i get ya order now :) thats just because you always in my mind no matter what i do,i have a fall for you LMAO ;P

  18. Fabricio says:

    Sexy! I think no there is another pussy more famous than yours, of course I mean Mozart 😛