Phoenix Forum Pics – Part 1

Let me begin by saying what an AWESOME time I had at Phoenix Forum! :D The weather was absolutely beautiful, and so were all of the hotties I got to meet! ;) Here are a few pics from Day One of the forum….

Starting the day off right doing shots of Patron with Sarah Peachez and our friend Alex at 11am on Thursday morning, Lol! :P

Titties! ;)

Working on my tan… :P

Look at that sexy ass belonging to Sarah Peachez! ;)

Natalie Nice on my left and Sarah Peachez on my right 8)

Janessa Brazil, Natalie Nice, Sarah Peachez & Me! ;)

Natalie, Janessa, Sarah & Me! We let Alex squeeze his way into the middle of the action since he took so many pictures for us during the forum. :P

Janessa, Jessie Cox, Sarah, myself & Natalie flashing in the pool ;)

Lined up from smallest to biggest boobs, purely coincidental though, Lol :P

Sarah, Janessa & Natalie

Having fun with Sarah Peachez & Jessie Cox

Peachez making sure her nipples are still there.. LOL, just kidding, I have no idea what she was doing in this pic :P

Getting better acquainted… aren’t we cute? ;)

More boobies!

Alex & Jessie Cox

Sarah Peachez with Rob, who was another big helper when it came to taking pics for us! ;)

Not sure what we’re doing here, but it came out pretty cute! :P

Scissoring with Sarah while shooting a video! I love my job… ;)

There are lots more pics of Sarah & I from Thursday morning/afternoon that will be posted in my Member’s Area! ;)

More Phoenix Pix coming soon! 8)

XoXo Andi

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