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Phoenix Forum Pics – Part 1

Let me begin by saying what an AWESOME time I had at Phoenix Forum! 😀 The weather was absolutely beautiful, and so were all of the hotties I got to meet! 😉 Here are a few pics from Day One of the forum….

Starting the day off right doing shots of Patron with Sarah Peachez and our friend Alex at 11am on Thursday morning, Lol! 😛

Titties! 😉

Working on my tan… 😛

Look at that sexy ass belonging to Sarah Peachez! 😉

Natalie Nice on my left and Sarah Peachez on my right 8)

Janessa Brazil, Natalie Nice, Sarah Peachez & Me! 😉

Natalie, Janessa, Sarah & Me! We let Alex squeeze his way into the middle of the action since he took so many pictures for us during the forum. 😛

Janessa, Jessie Cox, Sarah, myself & Natalie flashing in the pool 😉

Lined up from smallest to biggest boobs, purely coincidental though, Lol 😛

Sarah, Janessa & Natalie

Having fun with Sarah Peachez & Jessie Cox

Peachez making sure her nipples are still there.. LOL, just kidding, I have no idea what she was doing in this pic 😛

Getting better acquainted… aren’t we cute? 😉

More boobies!

Alex & Jessie Cox

Sarah Peachez with Rob, who was another big helper when it came to taking pics for us! 😉

Not sure what we’re doing here, but it came out pretty cute! 😛

Scissoring with Sarah while shooting a video! I love my job… 😉

There are lots more pics of Sarah & I from Thursday morning/afternoon that will be posted in my Member’s Area! 😉

More Phoenix Pix coming soon! 8)

XoXo Andi

68 Responses to “Phoenix Forum Pics – Part 1”

  1. Roger says:

    This is awesome

    Andi replied:

    So was the entire trip! 😉 8)

    samson replied:

    hello andy and i want to tell you that i really love you a lot and i mean that cause i wanna fuck you real hard if only i can be there with you in person baby love ya <3 <3 <3 <3

  2. Andy says:

    Damn! You didn’t come over to the Bentley store so I guess you don’t want your free Bentley. I’m sure we could have worked out something for some free advertising. LOL!

    Did you see the guy who runs/owns FTVGirls there? He lives here.

    Good thing you guys were here this last weekend. It’s supposed to be raining and 70’s-50’s for the next several days.

    Andi replied:

    LOL, I don’t think you’d want me behind the wheel of a Bentley, I’m a terrible driver! 😛

    I’m actually not sure whether I saw him or not, I met so many people while I was there & have probably already forgotten who most of them are, lol…

    Hearing about the weather in AZ makes me feel a little better about the fact that it’s pouring rain here in Winnipeg all weekend too! 😛

  3. dickie says:

    Mmmmmmm let the fun begin (for us 😛 )!

    It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway 😛 , that we’re all thoroughly jealous of these guys Alex and Dan who got to spend time with you at this forum, taking pics and even visiting your room ❗ But jealousy is very unbecoming, so not another word will be said (by me—I can’t promise anything regarding the others 😛 ) about that!

    I just love to see you having all that fun! :)

    Andi replied:

    LOL, thanks Dickie! 😉

    Dan who?? I don’t think I met anyone named Dan while I was there, although it’s entirely possible… or do you mean Rob, the other dude in these pics I posted who helped with the picture taking? 😛

    dickie replied:

    Yes, I meant Rob. 😛

    Andi replied:

    I figured! :)

  4. Alexis says:

    andi fantastic. some great pictures, really Peachez is very pretty, but no one like you expect to see more pictures and that this something more intimate between you two? hehehehe cute couple make the truth andi thanks for your photos once again let me see what is paradise on earth

    many kisses andi

    Andi replied:

    Thanks Alexis! :) Yes, we did get pretty intimate, but as usual, I save the naughtiest content for my Member’s Area! 😉

  5. sm_ says:

    Welcome home, Andi!
    Can’t wait for Your trip recaps and hearing of all the fun, naughtiness, and travel tribulations… and of course the pics 😉
    Is it tough coming back to the cold after being in such nice weather?

    Andi replied:

    Thanks Sissy! 😀

    Yeah, it was actually not too bad when I got home, I think it was around 5°C, but I was shivering! 😛 I’ve adjusted back to Wpg weather now though, lol.

  6. eppic says:

    So, Alex cant hold his hands by himself, huh? Interesting.

    Im glad you had so much fun in Phoenix. And I hope you were able to do some networking.

    eppic replied:

    Just to be sure: The comment about Alex was meant to be fun 😛

    Andi replied:

    Thanks eppic! :)

  7. james says:

    Wow, I think heaven is such this place :)

    Andi replied:

    I’ll agree to that, lol 😛

  8. Paul says:

    Looks like a hot, HOT time, lol. 😉 Lots of hotties to play with, no wonder you love your job, I am still a little partial here, but they all look mighty good. Lot’s of good pictures showing a good time and great bodies. Any hot videos’s forthcoming? 😉

    I am glad you had a fantastic time, a working holiday, it doesn’t get any better than that. Well, I am off to work so have a great day and don’t work to hard. 😀

    Andi replied:

    Yep, Sarah should be sending me all of the video clips this weekend. 😉

    shane replied:

    your hot =P

    Andi replied:

    Thanks Shane 😉

  9. themachojedi says:

    LOL in pic number 20 you look like a kid being asked…”HEY ANDI HOW MUCH FUN ARE YOU HAVING???” You respond with your arms open wide…..”THIS MUCH!!!!!!” Glad u had a good time u earned it :)

    Andi replied:

    LOL, nah, if that were the case, my arms would have been spread much wider! 😛

  10. micha says:

    WooooooooW … Really OUTSTANDIG !!

    nothing BUT YOU andi !

    ur the best one ! 😡

    Andi replied:

    Thanks Micha! 😉

  11. GraeGor says:

    Should you require additional photography help next year let me know

    Andi replied:

    Lol, sounds good! 😉

  12. Thomas says:

    Did you know that you are the most beautiful and the cutest Baby/Girlie in the World. You drive me crazy, Andi. The Pics are AWESOME.

    Thomas from HH

    Andi replied:

    Thank you Thomas! :)

  13. Andres says:

    Janessa Brasil , Natalia Niza , Peachez Sarah y tu andi land go super beautiful =)
    I would like to be there with you and your breasts jajajaja xD

    Andi replied:

    Lol, thanks Andres! 😉

  14. 1094513 says:

    you know that I’m thinkin’ I should have take tghe time to go to phoenix too. but as a good excuse for me I’ve got that I wasn’t invited, however I have to thank you because the net has become the main way I am having to see pretty gals, looks as if in my area it was forbidden, to see in flesh and bone a pretty gal I have to take a bus and travel about 20 miles if I am not connected

    Andi replied:

    hahaha, maybe you should consider moving! 😉 😛

  15. Reverend Weak Knees says:

    I want Alex’s job! Hell, I’ll do it for My days living in Phoenix/Scottsdale were fun. Or at least I thought they were until now. My fat ass would have been at that pool everyday. “You ladies need some lotion?”Lmao
    Seriously, though, you’re definitely living the dream.

    Andi replied:

    Lol, he did it for free too. 😛

    Yeah, it was AWESOME! 😀 I’d love to go back to AZ for a longer visit next time, and maybe experience more of Phoenix/Tempe besides just the hotel and the local Hooter’s, hahaha. 😛

  16. Randy says:

    Andi, you need to go on vacation more often as the pics look great. Definitely looking forward to see the rest.

    Andi replied:

    I agree! lol :)

  17. Matt says:

    Looks like quite the pool party indeed 😀 And what happen to the warmer weather I asked for? :( Ha ha ha! Glad to see you had a fun time down at Phoenix. Can’t wait to hear about the rest of your trip :)
    By the way, out of em all, still think you look the best 😉 Something about brunettes in purple for me ….

    Andi replied:

    Thanks Matt! 😉 Hasn’t warmed up in Barrie yet, I’m guessing? It’s raining here and we’ve got a lot of flooding issues going on, it’s sandbagging time! 😛

    Matt replied:

    You’re welcome Andi 😉 <3 And it's warmed up a bit so far. Still not warm enough for the shorts and t-shirt, but the sun is getting warmer each day 😀 And oh wow! Hope that you're keeping dry and safe then :) And something dirty in there about the sandbagging comment…. 😛

    have a good weekend.

    Andi replied:

    Thanks Matt, you too! :) 😉

  18. Robert says:

    Do you ever have sex with the photographer for fun?

    Andi replied:

    Eww, no. :/

    I don’t mix business with pleasure, unless it’s with another sexy web model. 😛

  19. jon says:

    great pics! looks like u had alot of fun. glad u had a great time! u and the girls look sooo damn hot and sexy! 😉

    Andi replied:

    Thanks Jon! Yeah, I had a blast, and I’m sure the other girls did too 😉

  20. pedram says:

    hi my love
    you are pretty
    can i have your movie in my email or your sing up for your web sait??????please!!!

    Andi replied:

    Please refer to Question #28 on my FAQ’s page here.

  21. Kathy says:

    Typical eh!? You go away on holiday but cant get away from your night job mixing drinks, LOL. I will bet you were the most popular one there by the pool 😀 It looks like the weather was perfect for your stay, I kept checking while you were there and it was seeming good every day in the mid 20s :)

    That bikini, I cant find it on Teeny b, I luv it, its not as teeny as those I got shipped over.

    Andi replied:

    Thanks Kathy! Mid-20’s, not at all! It was 35-37°°C the entire time I was down there! Might have gone down to the mid-20’s overnight though. 😛

    I actually met one of the owners of TeenyB at the forum, promoting their new Spring line… I think it may be time for me to invest in a few more bikinis! 😉

  22. james mckenzie says:

    hey andi sorry i hvnt posted in ages lol have u missed me??lol.well i def missed ur sexi ass!!loving the new pics of things in andis world?nd mozart lol.luv.jamesxx

    Andi replied:

    Hi James! 😉 Everything is great, and Mozart is doing well. :)

  23. Mon7que says:

    Lol I like the look on Natalie Nice’s face when you are licking Sarah’s butt! Haha she almost looks disgusted.
    Wow this looks like a good drunken time for ya! 😉 I bet there were a lot of guys offering to take pics of all of you. 😛
    You and Sarah have the EXACT same tan…or am I mistaken? Lol. It made for good pics I am sure. Can’t wait to see more sneak peaks :)
    I think your fans should buy you trips so you can go more often…I love reading about your trips lol.

    Andi replied:

    Yeah, it seemed that everyone brought their cameras and there were pictures being taken every time I turned around! 😉

    Yeah, by the end of the first day, I caught up to Sarah in terms of tanning, lol.. I tan pretty quickly! 😛

    Glad you love reading about my trips, because I sure love taking them! 😀

  24. Jozzy says:

    there is no way there is no comments on this yet… lol i’m going to assume you just haven’t had time to get to them :D.

    OMG booby over load 😛 lol… so many beautiful girls how did you control your self ;)(oh wait you didn’t) hahaha. You all look so beautiful and I love that your having so much fun in all these pics… Alex and Rob are definitely some very lucking fucking guys. Honestly though I don’t know what makes me more jealous, seeing those guys get to have there picture taken with you or you girls in the pool :) i haven’t been swimming in so fucking long. That looks so relaxing and Fun.

    Hey you lined up biggest to smallest and guess what, Andi is dead in the center (PERFECT SIZE 😉 )

    That really looks like a lot of fun so glad you got to go.

    Andi replied:

    Haha, yeah, I’ve been falling a little behind on comments lately, too much going on IRL and lots to catch up on for 😉

    Thanks Jozzy! 😀

    Jozzy replied:

    lol no you haven’t silly you get to them when you get to them 😀 ;P

    and hell yeah!!!

    Andi replied:


  25. bluey says:

    You and Peachez make me hot!

    Andi replied:

    Thanks bluey :) Peachez makes me hot too 😉

  26. Reverend Weak Knees says:

    Tempe is cool and you can throw a rock any direction and hit a great restaurant or bar in N Scottsdale. Interesting you got to meet up with Peachez; you two have by a mile been my favorite web models. Now if you two can do a shoot with Kristin Bell, I think my life will be complete. It would take a physicist to figure out who was hottest and had the best rear
    Any stories about regular guests falling all over themselves at the pool when all of you showed up?

    Andi replied:

    LOL, I definitely wouldn’t turn down an opportunity to shoot with Kristen Bell, but I have a feeling my line of work isn’t really her style… 😛

    There weren’t any regular guests at the hotel during the Forum, it was only the attendees! 😉

  27. Reverend Weak Knees says:

    Well, it should be her style! She shouldn’t be so damn selfish.lmao
    Is the Phoenix Forum like an AVN-type trade show for web models, I assume? Have you been able to meet and/or shoot with all the models you want to meet/shoot with?
    Pattycake is smoking hot, too, but a distant third in my humble, albeit accurate, opinion. Ha
    Your photographer/manager must have been a friggin’ Saint in his past life!

    Andi replied:

    Well, the main reason I went was to meet & shoot with Peachez, and I also had the pleasure of meeting some other hotties & getting a few candids, as you can see from these pics! 😉 I wouldn’t really call it a “Trade show” though.

    For the record, I don’t have a manager! 😛 I’m my own boss. 8) I do have a partner for my paysite, but he’s more of a silent partner/investor, which works out excellently for me! 😀 I also don’t have a regular photographer, although I’m looking to hire one. 😉

  28. Fabricio says:

    only angels, right? 😛 I did not know of his friendship with Peachez

    Andi replied:

    Yeah, we were Twitter friends for awhile and finally met in person at Phoenix Forum! 8)

  29. anthony says:

    I agree with that!

  30. Samson says:

    well hello Andy and also well thanks for the reply and also well i would like to know more and more about you and also can you just give me your email address? or your mobile number? so that we would talk more better ok? just take care and i am waiting to read from you just keep on looking sweet for me dear