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Construction Site

June 24th, 2016

Being June, it’s the height of construction season…. and I’m fully prepared! Are you? 😛




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June 21st, 2016

Have you seen my latest video on yet? It was just released yesterday, and my Members are already raving about it! 😀


Cum check it out… now available on for your streaming and downloading pleasure! 😉

There are also some pics for this scene, which I completely forgot to post a preview of on here last week. Oops! Well, it’s old news now. If interested, you can see them inside my site! 😛 I’ll be back in a couple of days to tease you with a mini-preview from this week’s upcoming photo set. 😉

XoXo Andi

Black Light + Glow Paint = Messy Fun!

June 8th, 2016

Sooo, this week in we’re doing something a little “different”… it’s wet, it’s messy, it’s colorful, and so much fun! (well, it was fun for ME, anyway 😛 )

Here’s a little preview… all 123 pictures will be available inside my Members Area this Friday! :)




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Sneak Peek of the Week…

June 2nd, 2016

Hey guys, it’s that time of the week again…. here’s your sneak preview at the next set coming to!

I was just hanging out, playing around with my camera… I took a few fun & sexy pics for my Members, but the REAL treat is the video coming up on Monday. Check out my Member’s Blog for a detailed description of what to expect! 😉

In the meantime, here’s a peek at the photos… :)





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May 26th, 2016

Web models – they’re just like you! 😀 Their clothes get dirty, just like yours! They do laundry, just like you! 😛

I know that’s a super cheesy opening line, but I was thinking about those celebrity tabloids that say, “Stars – they’re just like us!” and proceed to show pictures of talented actors performing mundane tasks like picking up dog shit or filling their cars at a gas station. I don’t buy those magazines, but I admit I flip through them while I’m at the hair salon waiting for my color to set. 😛

Anyway, this is a very “girl next door” casual scene, and I think it’ll be a popular one. 😉 See the full collection of photos on tomorrow! 😀




I’m such a dork sometimes… but that’s part of my charm! 😀

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Have a Great Weekend :)

May 20th, 2016

It’s Friday! You know what that means… a new photo set is up on! 😀

This one is an amateur/self-shot gallery of 85 pictures showing off my sundress and lacey panties!





Camel toe alert! 😀

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Video Tease

May 18th, 2016

Here’s a little tease of this week’s video for … a quiet stroll around the neighborhood turns into public flashing, and ends with a hot masturbation scene! 😀

Become a Member of to watch this full scene, along with more than 300 other videos all for one price! Plus, I’ll love you way more. 😀

Happy Hump Day!

XoXo Andi

A Beautiful Day…

May 14th, 2016

Hey guys! :) I hope you’re having a good weekend… have you seen the latest photo set update on yet?

Peachez and I were taking a little stroll around the neighborhood, and decided to take some pictures… as you might expect, the shoot quickly evolved into public nudity! 😀




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Candid Pics

May 7th, 2016

Hey honeys :) I put up a new batch of candid pics on … mostly randomness, peppered with nudity…. hahaha. 😀 There are a bunch of Sarah Peachez too! 😉

Here are some G rated pics…



Look at the bathing beauty! :)AndiLand_Cali09

Peace, man. 😀AndiLand_Cali10


(Ok maybe this one is classified as PG, haha 😛 )


Woohoo Karaoke!! 😀 During my last night in town, we got a private room and sang for over two hours. I’m surprised I didn’t lose my voice! 😛 So liberating, so much fun, and I can’t wait to do it again. Maybe I’ll even get it on video next time! (no promises 😛 )

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Back in Town…

May 3rd, 2016

Hey guys! I was out of town during all of last week, but I left my Members of with two batches of Outtakes (silly/blooper pics) for entertainment while I was gone! 😛

Here are a couple of them…




I put out over 100 of these silly pics, haha. 😛 Doctors say that masturbation is good for you, and we all know laughter is good for the soul, so I like to try to combine the two in my site from time to time! 😀

It’s good to be back home, I’ve been keeping busy catching up on everything I missed while I was away, and of course enjoying some “chill time”… for some reason, I always feel the need to unwind after a vacation, hahaha. Maybe that’s because I shot a bunch of scenes while I was away? Nah, that can’t be it… that never tires me out! 😉 😛

I guess it’s the traveling. Why is it so exhausting sitting on a plane? I don’t know, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way!

Stay tuned for some candid pics I took while visiting Peachez… the full collection is coming to this Friday, but I’ll post a few here later in the week, too. :)

Lots of love,

XoXo Andi