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December 6th, 2016

Ho Ho Ho! 😛

Are we getting into the holiday spirit yet? 😉


I was going through some old files on my PC and came across this little gem from a few years back… thought it was worth a quick repost! :)

Some of you have been asking about my wishlist, so I’ve updated it with a few new items in case you feel like spoiling me… I’ve been extra naughty this year and am expecting a big fat lump of coal from ol’ St. Nick, hahaha. 😛

**Andi’s Wishlist**

It’s mostly props/toys/accessories that will be very useful for future shoots (some stuff is under $10!), and of course some warm hoodies and a couple ADORABLE animal onesies in an effort to keep from freezing to death this winter. 😀 I didn’t add any costumes this time around because I still have a whole PILE to shoot in, I’m really looking forward to doing some new cosplay themes coming this Spring and I hope you are, too! :)

I was planning on starting my own holiday shopping today, but we got hit with a snowstorm here and it’s just not a good day to be going outside, so instead I’ll be working on getting a new batch of pics ready for this week’s update on – I’ll be back in a couple days to give you a free tease right here, so keep an eye out! 😉

Hope you’re all having a wonderful week so far!

XoXo Andi

What a Tease…

December 2nd, 2016

Hey there, guys. :) We’re flying into December already… hoping to make this last month of the year really count! 😀

I’ll be keeping busy studying for winter exams, prepping for the holidays, and of course churning out plenty of hot new pics and videos for Members of!

Here’s a peek at today’s photo set:




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Another Sneak Peek…

November 24th, 2016

Hello everyone! :) Here’s a free preview of my latest photo update for … I took these at home in my kitchen, using my regular camera for most of them but I also took some using my webcam for a bit of a different look.




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Fun with Amber Hahn!

November 17th, 2016

Hi guys! I’m proud to present a new girl/girl scene with the beautiful Amber Hahn! :) Here’s a little sneak peek… you can see all 138 pics and the 18 minute video for this scene on and/or tomorrow!





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Have a Sexy Weekend…

November 12th, 2016


Hey guys! Just wanted to wish you all a good weekend… Members of got 54 new self-shot pics yesterday, and will be getting a hot video on Monday, and 64 more pics on Wednesday!

I didn’t do any promo galleries this week, so you won’t see previews of these updates on any promo sites. I thought it would be more fun to spend that time rewarding my Members with bonus updates this month instead. You know where to go if you want to see the new goodies! :)

For now, I’ll leave you with a few GIF’s from my recent webcam shows… Special thanks to Spectrum for taking the time to make them! Great job! :)

AndiLand Webcam

AndiLand Racer Girl

AndiLand Rub My Lamp

I can’t even express how much I love you guys who support my work with memberships to my site and try to come to my shows when you can! I could not do this without you, and I hope you know how much it means to me! :)

Have a great weekend everyone. 😉

XoXo Andi

Sneak Peek + November Schedule

November 4th, 2016

Hey guys, Happy Friday! :)

Here’s a little preview of the new photo set that just went live on today – this one was shot entirely with natural light, thanks to a very large window in the room. 😛

I’m all dressed up in one of my favorite “lingerie-dresses” and ready to have some fun on the bed… would anyone care to join me? :)



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Trick or Treat!

October 30th, 2016

Happy Halloween from! 😀

It’s been a great week full of Halloween fun, we kicked things off on Wednesday with an hour long “I Dream of Andi” webcam special, where one lucky viewer won a 12 minute exclusive video from me – Congrats to Maddo! :)


Friday’s photo set update featured 93 photos from my self-shot “Andi in Wonderland” collection…. here’s a peek at some of the non-nude/PG rated shots. 😉





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Halloween Cam Show

October 23rd, 2016

Hey guys! :) It’s almost Halloween…. and I’m getting into the spirit of things with a special Halloween Cam Show on Wednesday, Oct. 26th!


(special thanks to TC for making this promo pic)

One lucky viewer is even going to win an exclusive video, which I’ll be shooting right after the show is finished! 😀

Make sure you sign up to so you can watch the live show and participate in the mini contest! 😉

Hope to see you there! :)

XoXo Andi

Have a Great Day :)

October 20th, 2016

Hey there! :) This week’s photo update for is especially geared toward feet/stocking fans, but there’s something for everyone: Upskirts, lots of bent over from behind shots, some delightfully graphic pussy spreading close-ups…. and we end with a sockjob! :)

Here’s a little peek… I just posted a more explicit tease on my Member’s Blog, so you may want to head over there for a better idea of what I’m talking about 😉





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Ass on Glass / Body Shots

October 16th, 2016

Hello, valued readers! 😀 I’m so sorry I’ve been away for 10 days – life has been crazy – Here’s a sweet GIF from tomorrow’s video update for that I hope will make up for my absence and delay in answering comments here… 😉

AndiLand Ass on Glass

I call this piece of art “Ass on Glass”, hahaha 😀

Here are some body shots from the photo update that was released on Friday…



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